Improving Visuals in Geography Textbooks – A Design-Based Research Study

Časopis / Konference: Commission on Geographical Education International Conference (Québec, 3.–5.8. 2018)
Autoři: Petr Knecht, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2018
Druh publikace: Příspěvek ve sborníku konference
Stránky, web: pouze abstrakt / only abstract
Klíčová slova: geography education, design-based research, geography textbooks
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Abstrakt: The aims of the research are: a) to identify lower secondary pupils’ preferences for visuals in geography textbooks, b) to design a prototypical textbook chapter accompanied with prototypical school atlas maps (based on evidence-based recommendations and reflecting pupils’ preferences), c) to evaluate the proposed educational materials using a sample of 20 lower-secondary school pupils. The methodological framework is anchored in Design-Based Research. Content-specific recommendations for textbook developers were identified which are transferable to different topics across geography curriculum.
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