Pupilʼs difficulties in performing problem-based learning tasks in geography: Results of the qualitative analysis

Časopis / Konference: 25th Central European Conference on Useful Geography: Transfer from Research to Practice (Brno, 12.–13. 10. 2017)
Autoři: Tomáš Janko, Petr Knecht, Silvie R. Kučerová, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2018
Druh publikace: Příspěvek ve sborníku konference
Stránky, web: 23–29
Klíčová slova: didactics of geography, geography education, learning tasks, lower secondary school pupils, problem solving
Odkaz na plnou verzi: https://munispace.muni.cz/index.php/munispace/catalog/book/997
Abstrakt: The authors conducted 22 unstructured heuristic interviews with the 7th and 8th grade pupils of the Czech lower secondary schools. During the interview the pupils were asked to perform a problem-oriented learning task with the help of visuals in the contemporary Czech geography textbooks and Czech School Atlas of the World. The aim was to determine where exactly the pupils fail when performing the assigned learning task. The interviews were analysed using a qualitative content analysis with open coding as a methodological tool. This working paper is an outcome of the research project Visual Geographic Information and its Role in Geographic Education (GA16-01003S) funded by the Czech Science Foundation (GACR).
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