The Southern Ocean in Students’ Mental Maps

Journal / Conference: Geografické rozhledy (Prague, ISSN 1210-3004)
Authors: Jan D. Bláha, Petr Meyer
Year: 2016
Number: 3
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: s. 14–16
Keywords: mental maps, Southern Ocean, teaching evaluation, regional geography, GIS
Link to full version:
Abstract: At times, changes happen to the organization of states or other territorial entities. Such changes should be reflected within geography instruction. This article presents an interesting method for assessing student knowledge in areas of regional geography with the help of mental maps and GIS. This assessment can be done both before and after teaching certain content, allowing for meaningful comparison. The authors conducted the assessment at several primary and secondary schools in Czechia and used the described methods to define the, as yet, little-known Southern Ocean.
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