Conditions of Fieldwork

Časopis / Konference:
Autoři: M. Soukup, J.D. Bláha, M. Konopíková, L. Moulis, P. Onderka, L. Škrabáková
Rok: 2016
Druh publikace: Monografie
Stránky, web: 112 s.
Klíčová slova: fieldwork, Papua New Guinea, Morocco, Sudan, Amazonia, Alaska, Canada, conditions of fieldwork
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Abstrakt: The objective of the book is the exploration of a diversity of conditions of fieldwork in non-European locations. The chapters of the book demonstrate that the conditions of a fieldwork differ considerably in terms of environmental circumstances, natural risks, dangerous creatures, character of the local communities and the way of life in the countries where the authors conducted their particular research. The aim of the book is to give a vivid image of real conditions of fieldwork in selected places of our planet.
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