Colonial History of Nungon Community And Its Effect On Spatial Behaviour of Members

Journal / Conference: Historical Sociology: A Journal of Historical Social Sciences
Authors: Martin Soukup, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2017
Number: 1
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: s. 55–72
Keywords: history, geographical space, genealogy, ethnohistory, Papua New Guinea
Link to full version:
Abstract: Objective of the paper is a study of effects of selected historical events on spatial behaviour of members of Nungon community (Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea). Authors argue that two particular historical events – the religious conflict and the relocation of a village to the new place – are continuously affecting daily life of the community; authors further argue that is possible to see the effect of the events in geographical space. The arguments are based on results of the fieldwork carried out by authors in Papua New Guinea; they had focused on construction of genealogical ties in community and mapping of geographical space of the village. Aim of the paper is to present innovative methodology enabling study of expression of historical events and social relations in geographical space.
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