Research on visuals in geography textbooks: A review

Journal / Conference: Journal of the Czech Pedagogical Society
Authors: Petr Trahorsch, Jan D. Bláha, Tomáš Janko
Year: 2018
Number: 1
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: 111–134
Keywords: visuals, geography textbook, homeland study textbook, textbook with geographic content, review study
Link to full version:
Abstract: The article is a review study. Its aim is to define and critically evaluate the methodological approaches of visual research in geography textbooks. Another aim of this study is to summarize the main conclusions of selected studies. There is a clear terminological inconsistency in naming the visual component of textbooks. Altogether 92 studies in Czech and English were analysed without time and territory specifications. Multidisciplinary full-text databases EBSCO, WoS, SCOPUS, ERIC, ProQuest and Geobibline) were searched using a combination of keywords in Czech and English language. The analysis of the research shows that the expert assessments prevail in the research using predominantly quantitative methods, especially quantitative content analysis of visuals; a questionnaire and a didactic test are of major importance in the quantitative user assessment have questionnaire and the didactic test. In addition, unequal distribution of visually-oriented research textbook across age groups was found; a neglected area of research is assessment or analysis of textbooks for the ISCED 1 age group. According to the results of the analysed studies, photographs are the most important visuals in geography textbooks; although the map is one of the typical geographical visual, its share on the total number of visuals in textbooks is relatively low.
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