The Ethnohistory of Community Nungon, Papua New Guinea: Their Narrative of Past Events

Journal / Conference: 2018 AAA Annual Meeting
Authors: Martin Soukup, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2018
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
Pages, web: pouze abstrakt / only abstract
Keywords: ethnohistory, Papua New Guinea
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Abstract: Objective of the paper is an analysis of selected historical events, which took place in Uruwa Valley among members of the ethnic group Nungon. The events - relocation of a village and religious conflict - still affect life of the community. The authors partially reconstructed the events using archive materials (especially patrol reports) and printed documents. The course of reconstructed events differs from the natives’ recollections of the same past. The paper confronts different versions of the past, but the authors do not search for the truth of the Nungon past events. The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the plurality of voices - both of natives and of Australian patrol officers - and to present the importance of the past events for the life of the community.
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