Flood risk mitigation as a social practice

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Authors: P. Raška, P. Dostál, T. Siwek, T. Aubrechtová, J. D. Bláha, L. Jelen, M. Kopáček, L. Slavíková, M. Stehlíková
Year: 2018
Category of Publication: Monograph
Pages, web: 244 s.
Keywords: flood risk, Czechia, social discussion
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Abstract: While at theoretical level, the research focused on general principles of individual and organizational decision-making in environmental risk reduction, its empirical part was − also due to practical reasons of feasibility − focused on flood risk, which however: (i) are most severe in Central Europe, (ii) allow for representative research of different aspects of social practice in their reduction, and (iii) represent a up-to-date matter because of the current efforts to implement the European Floods Directive (2007/60/ES). The aim of the book was mainly to contribute by a systemic approach to the research of flood risk reduction at various societal levels (EU, state, municipalities, communities, individuals), because the topic has been rather underresearched in Czechia. Our ambition was to offer a supplementary perspective to extensive research which is concerned with hydrological and hydroengineering analyses of fl ood risk. Following international research discourse, we are convinced that only an integrative view with extensive insights into individual and organizational motivations to accept and implement flood risk reduction measures may offer more effective and effi cient outcomes for flood risk management. Another aim of this book was to present a variety of approaches (often fragmented in analytical studies published abroad) to broader audience, including professional in public administration organisations.
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