Macro-regions of the world. New regional geography

Journal / Conference:
Authors: Jiří Anděl, Ivan Bičík, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2019
Category of Publication: Monograph
Pages, web: 326 s.
Keywords: regional geography, geography of the world, differentiation of the world, global macro-regions
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Abstract: The publication seeks to improve regional geographical knowledge by means of geographical synthesis. This knowledge is a gateway to understanding both domestic and world events for university students, as well as the community of experts. At the moment, there are relatively high-quality publications about individual countries or continents and a large amount of data available on the Internet. Nevertheless, in Czechia there is no publication which would give a coherent overview of the current state of the globalising world by evaluating world macro-regions and several "representative" countries in each of them.
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