Pupilʼs Atlas for Elementary Schools

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Authors: Kolektiv autorů
Year: 2019
Category of Publication: Monograph
Pages, web: https://skolnimapy.cz/titul/zakovsky-atlas/
Keywords: school atlas, pupilʼs atlas, elementary school, didactic tool
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Abstract: An alternative school atlas inspired by school atlases from around the world. Also available in a discounted Workbook package. Uniquely in one atlas, it contains sections dedicated not only to the universe, the world and continents, but also to Czechia. This has made it possible to present Czechia in the context of the whole world and in context. Another specificity of the atlas is the concept of individual continents, which are presented by means of key themes and their specifics. Thus, for example, in Europe, one can get acquainted with the issue of migration, in the Caribbean with hurricanes, in Asia with fertility or in Africa with representatives of typical fauna. The sections on the world contain both simple to schematic maps and relatively more complex maps, whose added value lies primarily in showing pupils the connections between certain phenomena. The Workbook has been created to accompany the Pupil Atlas, the aim of which is to teach pupils to read the map correctly and to extract as much information as possible from it.
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