Hawaii: History, Myths, Poetry

Journal / Conference:
Authors: Václav Černý, editor: Martin Soukup
Year: 2019
Category of Publication: Book review
Pages, web: http://www.pavelmervart.cz/kniha/havaj-historie-myty-poezie-608/
Keywords: Hawaii, dictionary, poetry
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Abstract: The book Hawaii: History, Myths, Poetry is the first volume from the literary estate of Václav A. Černý. The author has been studying Polynesian cultures, languages and folklore since 1968. He compiled dictionaries and translated modern literature and traditional folklore. The present volume presents texts focused exclusively on the Hawaiian archipelago, including the author´s treatise on the history of Hawaii, contemporary documents, myths, translations of poetry, and a Czech-Hawaiian and Hawaiian-Czech dictionary. The book is not only for specialists in Polynesia, but will also appeal to those interested in literature, poetry and history.
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