Structural Cartographic Analysis of a Thematic Atlas Work: Example of the Czech Historical Atlas

Časopis / Konference:
Autoři: Tomáš Janata, Petra Jílková, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2021
Číslo: 1
Druh publikace: Článek v periodiku
Stránky, web: 365-376
Klíčová slova: Historiography, atlas cartography, Czech Historical Atlas, cartographic semiology
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Abstrakt: The article introduces the Czech historiographical work called the Czech Historical Atlas and presents its analysis in terms of its concept, structure and technical layout. The primary focus is on the atlas content and its subdivision into thematic and logical sections or the semiological structure of the used space. Last but not least, the cartographic and technical aspects of the atlas format are also analysed, including, for example, the analysis of used scales or cartographic projections. The findings are presented through a series of visuals and interpreted in the context of the thematic concept of the atlas. The authors’ aim is to present the currently not much addressed structural analysis of a cartographic atlas, which allows revealing the potential for the innovation of an original cartographic work.
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