Macro-regional Divergent and Convergent Trends in the Global Economy

Journal / Conference: Political Econony
Authors: Jiří Anděl, Ivan Bičík, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2022
Number: 1
Category of Publication: Article in Journal
Pages, web: 77–96
Keywords: global processes, world economy, economic development, divergence and convergence
Link to full version:
Abstract: Current global trends belong to important branches of economic research. This article discusses changes among different parts of the world: do these changes increase or decrease over time? Are convergent trends more important within the global system than the divergent ones or vice versa? Changes are examined on the base of so-called world’s macro-regions over the period 1970–2018, when the bipolar world has changed into a unipolar one and is currently moving towards multipolarity. The study aims to determine which global processes show divergent/convergent trends using different methodological approaches. It also discusses and explains the changing character of trends over time. The authors reach conclusions that exclude one-sidedness of the observed development trends, which derive from the multiplicity of factors influencing them.
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