The Influence of Textbook Visual Quality of Geographical Phenomena on Children’s Conceptions

Časopis / Konference: Journal of Geography
Autoři: Petr Trahorsch, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2022
Druh publikace: Článek v periodiku
Stránky, web: 1–15
Klíčová slova: visual, geography textbook, learning from visuals, misconception, children’s conceptions
Odkaz na plnou verzi:
Abstrakt: The aim of the presented study is to evaluate the influence of the quality of visuals in printed geography textbooks on the character of children’s conceptions using the example of the geographical location concept. Visuals are a graphical representation of a certain phenomenon. A two-tier diagnostic test without and with three types of high and low quality physical-geographical visuals was used to achieve this objective. The research study among elementary school students (n = 434) has shown that students are mostly unable to work effectively with visuals due to their inappropriate properties such as headline quality or factual errors.
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