Cannibals & headhunters: Papuans of ideas and reality

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Authors: Martin Soukup
Year: 2023
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Abstract: The culturally and linguistically diverse island of New Guinea has long captured the attention and sparked the imagination. It has earned a notorious reputation as the home of cannibals and headhunters. From an anthropological point of view, the book opens up the sensitive topics of human flesh consumption and the acquisition of human trophies by humans. The author uses rich ethnographic material to present the realities of New Guinea headhunting and cannibalism, sparing no detail but setting his narratives in historical and cultural context. The book shows the cultural logic of these phenomena and the motivations of the colonial apparatuses to enforce their own idea of law and order on the island, that is, to eradicate these customs. The book provides a wealth of original pictorial material that shows concrete evidence of cannibalism and headhunting in New Guinea. The author presents cannibalism and headhunting as phenomena that were inherently part of the repertoire of human cultural behaviour.
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