Creativity in current cartography

Journal / Conference: Cartography and art : art and cartography : ICA symposium (Vienna, Jan. 2008, poster)
Authors: Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2008
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
Pages, web:
Keywords: creativity, creative expression, cartographer, cartographic production, individual style of an author, aesthetics
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Abstract: In those times when cartography did not make use of automated reproduction techniques cartographic products were considered works of art. Each cartographic work was original and their authors were rightfully referred to as ‘artists’. Due to letterpress and other automated techniques (which lead to the transition from traditional to computer-aided cartography) cartographic production abandoned the artistic dimension and has become a special-purpose activity. Therefore, present-day aesthetics rightfully classifies cartographic production as the so called the non-artistic aesthetic. Creativity of authors themselves may seem to be closely connected with these facts. Our purpose is to disprove this hypothesis and point out various possibilities of creative expression in present-day cartography. There is no doubt that the ability to look for and discover such possibilities, is of high importance. Some of the possibilities can be found in applying artistic styles to cartographic styles, e.g. abstraction, fiction, imagination, etc.
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