Rock Representation in Digital Cartography

Journal / Conference: Geografické dny Liberec : výroční konference ČGS (srpen 2008) (ISBN 978-80-7372-443-6)
Authors: Jakub Lysák, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2008
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
Pages, web: s. 176-182
Keywords: visualization of hypsography, cliff drawing, rock formations, digital cartography
Link to full version:
Abstract: Rock representation in maps belongs to the traditional problems in classical cartography. There is a gap in this field in digital cartography. Possibilities for rock representations using digital cartography means mainly in large- and middle-scaled maps are discussed in this article. Several ways to represent the rock formations on contemporary digital maps are described together with their limitations and relation to techniques used in the classical cartography. Problem is also seen from other points of view: availability of geographical data in the Czech Republic, possibilities for automatic processing and aesthetics and user-friendliness.
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