Plans of Cemeteries: Current State and Possibilities of GIS Utilization

Journal / Conference: Konference ESRI 2008
Authors: Lukáš Vít, Jan D. Bláha
Year: 2008
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
Pages, web:
Keywords: funeral service, cemetery plan, geo-database, GIS, pre-press
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Abstract: The poster, as the main result of this bachelor study, aims to represent the predominant issues that make up a content of said study. Acemetery, in geografic concept, can be considered a specific part of the country, with certain rules of structure layout. It is therefore conprehensible and convenient to depict a cemetery area with a map (a plan). The introductory part of the study concentrates on Czech funeral services, including legal background. The next part of the study pursues matters concerning contemporary maps of cemeteries. The author exerts to employ knowledge gained through his own thematic plans ofVinohrad cemetery in Praha (Prague). Also, a prospective utilization ofArcGIS software for cemetery administration is suggested.
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