Aesthetic Aspects of Early Maps

Journal / Conference: Advances in Cartography and GIScience. Vol.1, Selection from ICC 2011, Paris
Authors: Editor: Anne Ruas
Year: 2011
Category of Publication: Chapter in Book
Pages, web: pp. 53-71
Keywords: aesthetics, early maps, Univ. Prof. Karel Kuchař
Link to full version:
Abstract: The contribution is a tribute to Czech Univ. Prof. Karel Kuchař and reminds us of the 35th anniversary, counted from his last public lecture named Aesthetics of Map Production. Unfortunately, Prof. Kuchař was not able to elaborate the issue of aesthetic aspects of cartographic production in further detail. The aim of this contribution is to categorize and summarize this knowledge. The first part mentions the traditional, and we can also say never-ending, discussion on cartography and early maps being a form of art. It is followed by a summary of aesthetic aspects of (not only) early maps (map format, sheet composition, use of space, shapes of map fields and structure of outlines, form of compositional elements, map contents, cartographic language, thematic cartography methods, use of colour and font in maps, author’s style and handwriting). Finally, several pieces of evidence are offered confirming that “early maps” and “computer map production” are not incompatible.
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