Case Study Areas; 6 chapters

Journal / Conference: Land Use/Cover Changes in Selected Regions in the World: Vol. VII
Authors: Bičík, I., Himiyama Y., Feranec, J., Štych, P.
Year: 2012
Category of Publication: Chapter in Book
Pages, web: pp. 13–48
Keywords: land use, land cover, case study areas
Link to full version:
Abstract: What is so specific about these atlases? Above all, they summarize land use and cover changes papers from different countries, studied with various methods. Thus, the atlases enable international contacts and publicity of research results as well as they show new and original methods and approaches in land use research. They also provide an essential possibility of publication in larger format; papers usually cannot be printed in such an extent in scientific journals. The atlases offer an equal extent of text and graphics, and there is also a possibility to publish full-colour maps and figures. Coloured maps facilitate better perception of various analysed land-use categories, their development and other features. Volume VII includes eleven papers altogether (ten from Czechia and one from Slovakia); however, the first seven papers make a whole with general introduction plus six case studies from Czechia.
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