Style And Structure of Final Thesis At the Department

Journal / Conference:
Authors: Jan D. Bláha, Silvie R. Kučerová, Zuzana Pavlasová (napsáno pod jménem Jana Poláčková)
Year: 2013
Category of Publication: Textbook / School Text
Pages, web: 61 s., přílohy, CD, průsvitky
Keywords: thesis, citation standards, typography, thesis structure, thesis writing rules
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Abstract: The aim of this paper is to create a model of Bachelor thesis as an illustration of such type of work in compliance with the requirements of the Department of Geography. This model can serve students as a guideline. In the first part we analyse the ISO 690 international standards and compile the ISO standards used at the Department, including examples of citations of bibliographic references for various types of documents. In the second part we specify the typographical rules used at the Department, with special attention given to “areas of high difficulty”, especially to punctuation. Authentic tables, pictures, maps and other frequently used supplements to texts are used for illustration. The reader is, therefore, provided with brief and clear preview of requirements for thesis writing, regarding both form and contents.
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