Adaptation of Rural Population to Changes in Spatial Distribution of Elementary Schools

Journal / Conference: Adaptability and resilience: study to the integrating approaches in the geographical research
Authors: Silvie R. Kučerová
Year: 2014
Category of Publication: Chapter in Book
Pages, web: s. 103–128
Keywords: elementary education, school pattern, rural space, community, geography of education
Link to full version:
Abstract: The chapter deals with changes in spatial organization of elementary schools and with adaptability of population in crucial periods of development of elementary schools network in Czechia during the 20th century till today. The stress is put on rural space. The aim of the chapter is on one side to identify the key factors, that disturb the resilience of spatial organization of education and the adaptability of rural population, and on the other side those factors, that strengthen the resilience and adaptability.
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