Transformations of spatial relationships within elementary education provision: A case study of changes in two Czech rural areas since the second half of the 20th century

Časopis / Konference: Moravian Geographical Reports
Autoři: Silvie R. Kučerová, Jan D. Bláha, Zdeněk Kučera
Rok: 2015
Číslo: 1
Druh publikace: Článek v periodiku
Stránky, web: s. 34–44
Klíčová slova: elementary education; educational policy; school patterns; catchment areas; rural areas; Turnov district; Zábřeh district; Czechia
Odkaz na plnou verzi:
Abstrakt: Transformations in the spatial organization of elementary education in Czechia over the last 50 years are examined in this article, via case studies of two rural regions (Turnov district and Zábřeh district). The aim of the study is to investigate the impact of general development trends in elementary schools in territorial detail. Changes in the spatial distribution of schools, the size of school catchment areas, and the main education-related commuter flows are analyzed and visualized in cartographic form, in the context of educational policy and management.
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