The Influence of Colour on the Perception of Cartographic Visualizations

Časopis / Konference: AIC2015 TOKYO
Autoři: Zbyněk Šterba, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2015
Druh publikace: Příspěvek ve sborníku konference
Stránky, web: s. 533–538
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Abstrakt: The contribution provides an overview of the ways colour is used in cartographic visualizations and how it affect S perception of these visualizations. Colour is generally considered as the most important graphic variable for expressink spatial information in cartographic visualizations. Through appropriate use of colours, the content of a map can be significantly accentuated, which enhances its legibility and comprehensibility profoundly. Appropriate use of colours is a very irnportant factor in many cartographic applications, such as emergency management tools, in whch cartographic visualization helps to transfer the required information effectively. A well-chosen colour scheme with appropriate contrasts is the best way to depict the overall character of an area or a phenomenon. The present paper describes the most significant approaches to colour use in cartography, which can be of immense help when communicating information to map users.
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