The Use of Methods of Cartography and GIS Tools in Cultural Anthropology Research: Pilot Study in Localities Yawan and Toweth (Papua New Guinea)

Journal / Conference: EuroCarto
Authors: Jan D. Bláha, Martin Soukup
Year: 2015
Category of Publication: Contribution in Conference Proceedings
Pages, web: s. 331–332 (rozšířený abstrakt)
Keywords: GIS, mapping, cultural anthropology, Papua New Guinea
Link to full version:
Abstract: In this contribution, the authors will introduce the first output of a pilot study, which was carried out from April to June 2015 by the Nungon people in the villages of Yawan, Toweth and Kotet (Uruwa Valley, Morobe province, Papua New Guinea). Considering that the Nungon people live in the mountains of the Saruwaged Range, relatively far away from large cities, there was no actual detailed spatial data available and the whole mapping had to be carried out in combination with the local coordinate system with the connection to WGS-84 via GPS. Therefore, besides using methods of cultural anthropology within the field research, terrestrial and GPS methods of data collection were used, too. Quality control of the data was thus carried out directly in the mapped locations using mobile GIS mapping applications, and subsequent processing and and data analysis run in software ArcGIS for Desktop upon arrival in Czechia. The research output should then be, among others, a dataset and a series of maps showing cultural specifics and phenomena of the Nungon people in the locations of Yawan and Toweth.
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