Visualising administrative division dynamics: transformation of borders and names in the Bohemian-Saxonian borderland

Časopis / Konference: GeoScape
Autoři: Martin Bartůněk, Jan D. Bláha
Rok: 2023
Číslo: 2
Druh publikace: Článek v periodiku
Stránky, web: 118-134
Klíčová slova: administrative region, perceptual/vernacular region, regional dynamics, border, cartographic representation
Odkaz na plnou verzi:
Abstrakt: Regions are main building blocks of larger territorial units, but they also display high dynamics affecting how regional identities can be studied. The regional dynamics and multilayered nature ultimately require new approaches to their visual representation. The goal of this article is to present a novel approach to visual presentation of the administrative regions´ dynamics by cartographic means of representation in a synthetic map that can assist in the research of regional identities. We adopt the theory of the institutionalisation of regions, the administrative division of the state is a process in which the borders and names of regions are constantly transformed causing changes in the perception of the population. Then we analyse the laws on administrative division reforms and old/historical map documents. This enabled us to identify the dynamics of individual borders and names of administrative regions (choronyms) that form spaces with a higher or lower degree of stability. We propose a visualisation approach to represent such dynamics, and we assert that through cartographic visualisation of the degree of transformation in these spaces it is possible to get an insight into population´s awareness about the named regions and their delimitation.
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