Mental maps: Object and Tools for Assessment

The project "Mental Maps: Object and Tools for Assessment" is in progress throughout the years 2009-2011 and is supported by the Grant Agency of the Charles University. This web page includes all information and links to results of the project.

The term “mental map” has been used in geographical and cartographical literature since 1960s. The issue of mental maps extends into more disciplines: cartography, geography, as well as sociology and psychology.

The project is divided into two parts. The objective of part A is to create methodology and perform assessment of mental maps, using GIS among other techniques. The use of GIS ensures exact assessment and most objective quantification. The objective of part B is to utilise obtained maps to perform assessment of teaching materials (i.e. interconnect this issue with the issue of teaching maps), as well as to create an alternative method of assessment of cartographic works with the assistance of cartographic works users.

The first stage of the project combines research and theory. The second stage of the project consists of testing created methodology, performing field investigation among users (especially of sociological character – consultations with experts). In the second year of the project GIS will be used to assess mental maps and further field investigation will be performed, as well as assessment of cartographic works and cooperation with cartographic companies. The third stage consists of summarisation of new knowledge, concluding analyses and issuing a number of publications.